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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  June 9, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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stanford swimmer to six mons in jail for sexually assaul new fallout today for the judge who sentenced a former stanford swimmer to six months in jail for sexual assaulting a
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woman. good afternoon. new at noon, judge aaron persky is facing calls to step down and got death threats. jurors don't want to sit on his bench. kpix 5's keit do is live at the courthouse in palo alto. >> reporter: the pressure just keeps on mounting on judge persky here at superior court in downtown palo alto. courthouse sources tell len about 20 potential jurors were excused yesterday from serving in judge persky's courtroom. they all claimed hardship and that hardship was serving under judge persky. it was for an unrelated misdemeanor case involving a woman who was accused of receiving stolen goods. today we were in the courtroom when the judge asked 17 jurors if they could be impartial. they said yes. then 12 jurors were paneled with alternates. it was a mix of races. one woman was excused for unknown reasons. she had no idea about the brock turner case at all and said it wasn't brought up in her jury pool. the jurors knew nothing about
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the former stanford student and swimmer who had been convicted on three counts of sexual assault or about the six months sentence or the letter from the victim that's gone viral around the world or the nearly 1 million online signatures to oust judge persky. had she known all that it would have gone much differently in the courtroom. >> knowing that now, would you have brought that up? >> i probably would have, yes. >> yeah. >> reporter: why? >> um, well, from what you're telling me, it doesn't sound like it was fair. didn't know anything about it. um, but i -- if i knew i probably would be biased. >> reporter: and now we are learning brock turner will not serve his six months sentence. he will be released after 3 months as part of policy that jail inmates serve 50% of their time if they keep a clean record. he will be released september 2. live in palo alto, kiet do, kpix 5. washington is feeling the fury over the sentencing. vice president joe biden wrote
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a letter to the victim saying in, part quote, what you endured is never, never, never, never a woman's fault. and while the justice system has spoken in your particular case, the nation is not satisfied. a representative from texas calling for judge persky's removal. he read part of the assault victim's statement on the house floor. [ reading ] >> while you were worrying about your shattered reputation, i can't sleep alone at night. i can't sleep alone without having a light on like a five- year-old because i have nightmares of being touched where i cannot wake up. >> next week, congresswoman jackie speier plans to dedicate an hour on the floor to reading the victim statement. we're following breaking news in san francisco. one person has died after the driver of a van hit a pedestrian. this is the scene from franklin and geary near japantown. you can see the intersection is blocked off with caution tape. people are being told to avoid the area.
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starting today, terminally- ill patients in california have the option to die on their own terms. kpix 5's anne makovec joins us from the newsroom with more on this historic "right to die" law. >> reporter: it's called the "end of life option act." california the fifth state in the nation to create a legal process for patients to kill themselves with assistance. >> morphine every three hours for pain. >> reporter: matt fairchild takes hundreds of pills a day to curb page from stage 4 melanoma. he is planning to be one of california's first patients to get a prescription to kill himself. >> there will be a day when that pain is, okay, this pain is not stopping. and it's every day. and that's the day that i'm going to be glad that it's on the shelf. >> reporter: of the five states that allow doctor-assisted suicide california has the strictest requirements. patient must have less than six months to live, be capable offer taking the medication himself, get two doctors approval and there must be two witnesses. many doctors will not do it,
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concerned it's in opposition with their oath to do no harm. >> many patients have told me that they would lose trust if in fact i were willing to pass that bright line and prescribe medication to hasten death. >> reporter: a statement from providence health reads, we believe that intentionally ending a person's life is not consistent with the core principles of the profession of medicine and nursing. the law passed following the case of brittany maynard a bay area woman with brain cancer who moved to oregon to legally kill herself two years ago. >> tee took great comfort in the assurance that me -- she took great comfort in the assurance that she was the sole decision-maker about how much pain she was going to endure. >> reporter: something fairchild understands all too well. >> your body has been ravaged. >> it just means he will have some peace. >> reporter: patients who qualify can fill this prescription whenever they want. that person would then have the leeway to take the drug when the time is right for him or her. live in the newsroom, anne makovec, kpix 5.
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another law now in effect in california, the age at which people can legally buy cigarettes and other tobacco products going up from 18 to 21. the idea is to discourage young people from smoking. they can still smoke, just can't purchase it. service members are exempt. california is the second state in the nation to raise the minimum age after hawaii did so last year. about two hours ago bart's board of directors unanimously approved a $3.5 billion bond measure aimed at fixing the transit system's aging infrastructure. more than $1 billion will go towards renewing bart's power system. $625million for fixing the tracks. 5:0million dollars for repairing -- $570 million for repairing tunnels and structures and $400 million for increasing capacity. the bond member will be on the november ballot. homeless in one san francisco neighborhood are soaked by sprinklers. the sprinklers located on the rooftop of bonham's auction now potrero hill have been raining
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down on homeless people living there for days. it's taking a toll on them who call this stretch of utah street home. >> i feel like my food got ruined, i get a check once a month. i don't have no money just to throw away. everything, sugar, cereal, everything is ruined because of them and water on the roof. but it's still not right for these people to just wet us like we're -- we don't exist, like we're nothing. >> a spokesman for bonham told us quote, the action to clean bonham's building and sidewalks during nonbusiness hours was not intended to disrespect anyone. president obama has officially endorsed hillary clinton. as weijia jang tells us, the move comes shortly after the president met with bernie sanders at the white house. >> reporter: bernie sanders met with president obama in the white house thursday morning. >> let me begin by thanking president obama. >> reporter: the two talked about how to move forward on
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the issues sanders has fought for throughout his campaign. >> a handful of billionaires exercise enormous power over our political, economic and media life. >> reporter: president obama praised sanders during an appearance on jimmy fallon's show wednesday night. >> i thought that bernie sanders brought enormous energy and new ideas and he pushed the party and challenged them. >> reporter: but president obama also told sanders to help clinton unite the party in order to take on donald trump in the general election. clinton said one of her immediate goals is to expand her base o support. >> to reach out to bernie sanders's supporters and to others, including republicans and independents. >> reporter: 20% of sanders supporters will vote for mr. trump or no one. trump had meetings with big money donors to talk about a
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fundraising plan for the election. through the end of april, clinton has outraised trump by more than $150 million. but trump says he doesn't need to raise as much money because he gets so much free tv time in the media. weijia jang, cbs news, the white house. >> bernie sanders is still campaigning for now. he has a rally planned in washington, dc tonight. democrats in dc go to the polls tuesday. the last to vote in the nominating process. a disappointing defeat for the warriors in cleveland last night. the cavs crushed them in game three of the nba finals. they lost 120-90. but they are still up two games to one for a best-of-seven series lebron james and the cavs. they play again in cleveland tomorrow in game 4. it is do or die for the sharks tonight on ice in pittsburgh for game 5 of the stanley cup final. the penguins are up three games to one so the sharks must win the rest of the way to win.
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puck drops at 5 p.m. thousands had pay their respects to muhammad ali. why it's meaningful to one group of people. >> tesla taking more steps to appeal to the masses. it's dropping the price of its popular model s sedan. >> and we're starting off with gray skies today. here's a live look over ocean beach where's, well, it's a little damp and cool. temperatures running below average in the bay area today but a warmup is on the way. details are coming up. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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gathered in louisville, keny this morning.... to say a final farewell to boxing great m muslims from around the world gathered in kentucky this morning to say good-bye to muhammad ali. don champion reports.
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redwood city people lined up early to attend -- >> reporter: people lined up early to attend a prayer service for muhammad ali. this man drove from atlanta to be here. >> in islam, what we call [ non- english language ] , that's actually a right for him and we're obligated to show up to send him off. so i'm just fulfilling my obligation. >> reporter: the service is open to people of all faiths. but organizers say it's especially for muslims. many were inspired by the way ali was unapologetic about being muslim. dr. [ non-english language ] met him in 1983. >> i grew up with muhammad ali talking, you know -- first talking in the ring but also standing up as a man, saying things that i had never thought i could say or i could hear a black man say. >> reporter: 14,000 people are expected to attend today's service. it's part of a two-day celebration ali helped plan. louisville native says the
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champ meant everything to this city. >> you can go nowhere people don't talk about ali. no matter what race or religion. >> reporter: on friday his body will be driven along a 19-mile procession route to a cemetery where he will be buried. a public memorial service will follow. former president bill clinton and comedian billy crystal will be among the speakers. don champion, cbs news, louisville, kentucky. >> and one bay area religious leader will be at the weekend's event. a rabbi worked with ali against the vietnam war. his family asked the rabbi to represent jews at the service. he says he is humbled to talk about ali. let's go over to julie watts now and see how it's looking. i haven't been able to go out there yet. is it warming up? >> no change! [ laughter ] >> when you got in, it was
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dark. gray partly cloudy skies everywhere. temperatures cool. right now the upper 50s for many locations. concord warming up though likely one of the few places we'll see sunshine early in the day. 69 in concord. 68 san jose. 67 your current temperature in livermore. so satellite perspective shows us what's going on. we have this upper level trough moving into the pacific northwest bringing in a cooler air, deepening the marine layer and increasing the onshore flow. those winds will increase even more this afternoon so be mindful of that. some gusty west winds possible and then tomorrow, cooler still, friday the coolest day of the week. good news is if you are looking for warmer weather, it's coming. we'll warm up this weekend. afternoon sun away from the coast today, temperatures staying cool to mild below average for this time of the year. and then brief warming this weekend as we warm up to average or maybe just above
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average for some locations inland. sunset 8:31. sunrise 5:47. high temperatures around the bay area today, at the coast staying cool 60 in pacifica. 64 san francisco. likely going to stay socked in, easy for me to say, for much of the day. temperatures around the bay in the upper 60s to low 70s. and then we're talking upper 70s near 80 degrees for the warmest spots inland today. your extended forecast shows again tomorrow the coolest day of the week dipping down to the upper 70s for the warmest spots and then gradual warming into the weekend. upper 80s for the warmest spots on saturday, sunday staying warm on monday and then another cooldown heading into midweek next week. >> so were you thinking about going surfing later today? >> yeah. >> still doing? >> doesn't look too good. i checked the cameras. doesn't look too good in pacifica. >> i don't know about waves in terms of surfing but you probably want a wet suit. >> i just bought one.
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>> you'll need it! [ laughter ] tesla is making luxury a little more afford afternoon. the bay area-based electric carmaker is now taking orders for the new less expensive model s60. asking price, $66,000. it travels 200 miles a charge with a top speed of 130 miles an hour. the all-wheel drive version starts at $71,000. compare that to the s90 which goes for $89,000. starting next week, kinder will no longer let minors use the dating app. since it launched in 2012, tinder has allowed anyone 13 and older to sign up. only users in the 13 to 17 age group were allowed to communicate with each other. soon the app will discontinue service altogether for those under 18. and you may want to change your twitter password. the website leaks source said it received a cache of twitter
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data that contains 32 million records including passwords. twitter says its systems have not been breached and taking a look at how the financial markets are doing on wall street, the dow is down at this hour 22 points. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,
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well, today's tip of the day is going to be is red plums. pretty soon there's going to be dozens of varieties of plums out there. i'm not kidding heirloom to plum cots so man and they are
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all good. they are coming in around the summertime are red plums. selection and storage are very important. when you buy them, have a dark red color all the way around with the slight give to the touch. and free from any shriveling whatsoever and shiny is good, too. heavy for their size. when you bring them home, store them on the counter. very important. now, during the season like i said, more varieties will start to show up. but when i see plums in the market, it's telling me like a lot of the summer fruit it's summertime which means if you love summer fruit, ah, they are not much better than this. i'm tony tantillo, your fresh grocer. and always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. it's plum time! when a bay area man saw people in remote villages around the world living without clean drinking water, he knew that had to change. allen martin shows us how this week's jefferson award winner is making a difference one gallon of water at a time. >> in order to have that kind of seal -- >> reporter: jon kaufman knew there was a solution. >> just with a little technology and a whole lot of soul, you can probably solve anything on the planet.
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>> reporter: the problem jon's tackling? providing safe drinking water for villages in places like haiti, thailand, guatemala, mexico and, soon, cuba. >> one thing that i'm pretty sure of is there's an abundant supply on earth of contaminated water. that i'm sure of. so i wanted to go the water purification route as opposed to drilling into the aquifers. >> reporter: his solution looks more rocket than water treatment plant. >> at the top is a wind turbine and solar panel. >> reporter: it's called sun spring, a $20,000 self- contained water filtration system that pumps in dirty contaminated water, filters and cleans it up, and delivers safe pure drinking water. it also operates off the grid. it has to, considering the remote places that jon takes them. >> they can be run automatically without any intervention every, single day without the need for, "where do i get my diesel fuel or where do i get electricity?" >> reporter: jon discovered the
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sun spring three years ago when he partnered with his rotary club to start the nonprofit "h2open doors" to bring clean, non-contaminated drinking water to villages in developing countries. he wanted to educate, as well. so he involved students from local bay area high schools. oliver borg went with "h2open doors" to guatemala. >> to see people walking up with their jugs. water up to some of the sun bridges that are already working and be able to fill it up with cleaning drinking water, that was just such an empowering moment to see it work. >> reporter: keely camp went on two trips to mexico. >> seek them being able to use the tap on a big machine installed one day to get purified water the first time it was amazing to see how much of an impact that made on them. >> reporter: so for bringing clean drinking water to villages that wouldn't otherwise have it, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to jon kaufman. allen martin, kpix 5. >> each filtration unit
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produces enough clean water to supply 1,000 residents with 5 gallons of water each day at a cost of about 1/100th of a penny a gallon. the bay area jefferson awards selection committee meets again next week so now is the time to send us your nomination. you can do it online using the nomination form at we'll be right back. ,, ,,,,
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wanna drink more water?
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with sodastream you turn plain water into sparkling water in seconds. and because it's so delicious, you'll drink 43% more water every day. sodastream. love your water.
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google's plan for flying ca- coming up later today on kp news at five. it for the k-p-i-x living like the jetsons? is it could be a reality soon. google's plan for flying cars, coming up later today on kpix 5 news at 5:00. >> that would be nice. >> we have been talking about that but i wouldn't want to test it. it should be highly tested before i get in it or put my kid in one. have a great afternoon. captions by: caption colorado
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